London Marathon Vibes

Due to the awesome buzz of the upcoming marathon we have 30% OFF SPORTS MASSAGES* that are aimed at reducing muscle soreness, whether caused by the ongoing stresses and strains of preparatory training or to aid your recovery post event day.

So you can feel great, not just beaten up!

Massage works on the nervous, circulatory, muscle and joint systems of the body. By releasing tight tissues, body mechanics function more efficiently, blood delivers nutrients more effectively and waste removal occurs more freely. This gives you body-wide health improvements, including digestive, hormonal, respiratory and excretory functions.

To book call: 0203 645 1490 / click the link below / book online via the portal :

30 minutes = £28

60 minutes = £42

Discount Code: RUNNER19

(Please note: Discount code cannot be applied via mobile devices)

Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates

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Tel: 0203 645 1490  Mob: 07955 254165



*Valid until May 4th 2019 Only, subject to availability.