Vonnie Larsson - Receptionist and Administrator


Originally from Sweden, Vonnie came to England to pursue her BA in film production.

She has 10 years of Administration and Receptionist experience ranging from governmental work to wine tasting tours. With her various experiences, she has found joy in helping clients and customers to feel seen. Priding herself on a welcoming environment, she cares about the people she works with and for.

Miles away from her creative career goal of Directing, she still loves Administration and Receptionist work because it's about working and connecting to people. A fundamental joy she absolutely loves.


Nadine Plummer - Receptionist and Administrator

Nadine Pic.jpg

Nadine has over 15 years of experience within the customer service and administration sector. Nadine has worked in many sectors from retail stores to law and research companies. Her vast skill set will be an asset to the team at Reform. Nadine's aim at Reform is to not only provide you, the clientele, with a high quality of service, but to also create a positive and calming atmosphere throughout your time with us. Her enthusiasm, compassion and professionalism for this role will help you to feel at ease and supported along your journey of wellness.

After graduating from London Southbank University with an upper class 2:1 in English Literature and Media in 2017, Nadine decided to continue her studies. She is currently doing her Masters in Black British Writing at Goldsmiths University, and will graduate towards the end of 2019. Her goal is to use her expanding knowledge within this specialised subject to finish her collection of poetry. Nadine has been published in an American anthology in 2016, and has also had her poetry showcased in the #BlackLivesMatters conference in Nottingham. In addition to these literary accomplishments, Nadine is working towards curating her own online webinars to discuss topics focusing on BAME literature to children and adult. As she believes that is an area that is lacking within the education curriculum and hopes this could benefit further generations.

While Nadine is a mother to three active children and husband, she finds the time to create balance within her hectic schedule. She enjoys partaking in yoga, Pilates, and twerking classes and is an advocate of meditation and crystal healing. Nadine's zest for living a life of openness, truth and love is hard to ignore, therefore her presence at Reform will bring a little light into your world during your valued time with us.


Emma Law - Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor


Emma graduated from The University of the West of England (UWE) with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2007.  Since then she has worked consistently in private practice alongside NHS work in both Bristol and London.

Coming from a sports driven family, Emma developed a strong interest in exercise, rehabilitation and fitness. This led her to discover Pilates both as a practice and a passion, and as a result she has completed intensive programs to become a fully certified APPI Pilates instructor.

For Emma however, Pilates isn’t merely exercise, it’s a way of life and one she’s used to inspire clients ranging from Victoria’s Secret models, Bristol's emergency services, and senior citizens.  She believes Pilates can be adapted for all and her motivational technique ensures that the practice is never dull.

During her time in London working for both the NHS and private clinics, Emma has gained a variety of experience and was particularly interested in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and stroke, amputees, orthopaedics, post-operative rehab (with some hefty personal experience) and musculoskeletal conditions.

Amongst other courses she has taken a specialised interest in pre and post-natal Pilates and exercise rehabilitation in osteoporosis and scoliosis.  Emma has also completed many post-grad courses including shoulder pathology, rehab and myofascial release. Early in her career she honed these skills extensively while working for an American football team.

Emma has a special interest in hypermobility, which she has herself, and has had excellent results in limiting pain and further injury with a combination of physiotherapy, education and Pilates.

When she is not working, Emma enjoys keeping fit with dance, yoga and being anywhere near the sea.  To find out more about Emma and the way she works please read her blog.


Carly Day - Registered Sports Rehabilitation therapist and Pilates Instructor

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Journeying from a Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention degree in 2005 with placements at local and professional teams as well as private Physio clinics, little did she know she’d land herself a job running a multi disciplinary clinic in Hertfordshire.

She continued to treat specific musculaskeletal injuries as well as posture related aches and pains and quickly found a knack for working with the whole body to release tension and help reduce the stressors of injury leading to faster recovery. That’s where the Pilates comes in, re-educating movement patterns and working to realign and balance the musculature to reduce the risk of re-injury and significantly reduce discomfort. And then moving on to a more integrated connection between the body and the mind, Yoga.

Carly's genuine desire is to help people to realise the amazingness of their bodies and it's power to unlock and open the mind using release, alignment and balance in all things.

There is absolutely a twinkle of eccentricity, an air of inner calm and above all a big old heart to love you with!


Silvia Caponera - Certified Pilates Instructor

Silvia pic 1.jpg

Silvia is a Pilates instructor and is certified on the full comprehensive equipment. Her technique helps to restore body awareness by performing small, precise and highly effective movements.

Silvia teaches Pilates as a universal language to maintain a strong brain to muscle communication for every stage of life. Therefore during her sessions expect your body to be more ‘talkative’ than it ever was before and be ready to listen to what it has to say!

She will support you to stay aware, move safely and efficiently.

Silvia is profoundly amazed by human nature and movement and therefore her interest has developed in various disciplines including classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training among others. This has taught her how essential Pilates can be for any type of mover in order to strengthen their body awareness and discover their full potential.


Beth Stokeld - Chartered Physiotherapist


Beth has always had a passion for rehabilitation and helping others achieve their individual goals. This was installed in her from a young age owing to her competitive sport background including playing for England Rounders and County level Tennis, Hockey and Gymnastics.

In 2014, Beth graduated from Northumbria University in Newcastle with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy and since then she has enjoyed working as a physio across the North East and South of England.  This includes spending 3 years in the NHS as a Junior Physiotherapist working in; Respiratory Medicine, Orthopaedics, Stroke Rehabilitation, Elderly Care and Musculo-skeletal Outpatients.

Alongside her work at Reform Physio:Pilates, Beth also continues to work in the NHS as Specialist Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist, with her current rotation being in the treatment of spinal patients. This compliments Beth’s treatments by allowing her to have a balanced approach in using both Pilates based exercises and utilising her manual therapy skills, specific to her clients functional needs. Her Ante/Post Natal APPI Qualification enables her to deliver specific exercise prescription to ladies at any stage of their pregnancy and after.

Beth’s experience enables her to effectively rehabilitate people from those initial first days to years down the line, building along the way strength, stability, rapport and encouraging over-all health and well-being. Beth strongly believes that how we move and feel is the centre of everything we do and therefore it’s essential to get it right, whether you are recovering from an injury or may be struggling with ongoing pain.

Beth is enjoying her new journey exploring London and looks forward to the prospect of helping many others along their individual journeys too!


Nick Guth - Chartered Physiotherapist

Nick Guth Pic.png

Nick brings experience from the public and private sector that enables him to assess, plan and manage rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries.

Nick graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy. During his time at university, he completed a qualification in sports strapping and taping. Whilst studying for his degree, Nick worked at Sheffield Wednesday F.C Academy as a student Physiotherapist learning sports-based assessments and rehabilitation.

Nick moved to London in 2018 to develop his clinical skills and experience in Physiotherapy. In addition to working at Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, Nick is a Specialist Physiotherapist within the NHS, where he is currently completing a course in Acupuncture with the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP). This course will develop Nick’s technical skills and provide an additional treatment method for patients at Reform.

Prior to working in London, Nick spent 3 years in the Peak District, Derbyshire, where he worked in outpatient clinics, health centres and GP surgeries.

Nick is passionate about sports, fitness and well-being. He enjoys watching and playing a wide variety of competitive sports including rugby and football. In addition, he enjoys to travel; experiencing new cities, cultures and food. 

Nick believes that everyone has the ability to improve and better themselves physically and mentally, which is key to enjoying life.  


Rachael Mearing - Chartered Physiotherapist

Rachael pic.jpg

Rachael graduated from Cardiff University in 2013. Since then she has worked in the NHS, private hospital’s and for a medical charity providing neuro-rehabilitation.

Rachael has experience within cardio-respiratory physiotherapy, orthopaedics, Elderly Care, Neuro-rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy and outpatient physiotherapy.

Rachael enjoys training for triathlons in her spare time and is currently working up to complete a half Ironman. She has a love of cycling, running and endurance sport, and is planning on furthering her training in Majorca later this year.

She’s has the travel bug, and has independently traveled across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Asia.

In fact her love for Pilates, especially reformer(!) was developed in Sydney where she lived for a year. She then continued her passion training in London with APPI.

Rach loves helping others to work towards their goals, by designing targeted training and rehabilitation plans and gets the most fulfillment from seeing the positive outcomes that discipline and hard work leads to.

She really enjoys watching people achieve their aspirations; witnessing them getting stronger, more independent and ultimately improving their quality of life through exercise and movement.


Charlie Holloway - Chartered Physiotherapist


Charlie qualified as a Physiotherapist from St George’s University of London. Coming to physiotherapy from a background of teaching yoga and performing in national physical theatre groups inspired her specific interest in musculoskeletal medicine and the neuroscience of movement.

Charlie is a qualified Pilates instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and uses her Pilates training on a daily basis working 1:1 with patients as a Specialised Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for the NHS, alongside her work for Reform. Her specialist interest areas are rehabilitation for lower back pain, hypermobility and Pilates for dancers and performers.

Charlie strongly believes Pilates can benefit everyone and prides herself on providing modifications for injuries and health issues that allow each individual to participate in her classes with confidence. Whether in a group setting or working 1:1, she believes a large part of her role is to promote fitness, strength and independent maintenance of physical wellbeing to empower a skill set in her clients that can be applied to daily life.

When not teaching for Reform you will find Charlie cycling, singing or dancing through life, looking for the next opportunity to be inspired by the two things that make her happy; movement and being outside in nature.


Naomi Day - Sports Massage Therapist

Naomi Day website pic.jpg

Naomi is a level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and has worked with clients from a range of backgrounds, from athletes and performers, to office workers. She aims to provide a truly personalised service, putting the needs and wellbeing of the client at the heart of the treatment.

Originally from Norfolk, but having lived in London for well over 10 years, Naomi has always been fascinated by the human body and how it works. Her journey into sports massage therapy has therefore been a logical progression, albeit along a varied path.

Naomi made the move to London in 2006 to pursue a degree in performing arts. Intensive training, and later a brief stint of professional work, in contemporary dance and physical theatre compounded her interest in physicality and movement. However, a career change resulting in many years spent at a desk, meant Naomi had to find new ways to channel her energy, and over the years has taken up triathlon, yoga, Pilates, aerial hoop, bouldering and still sometimes manages to fit in the odd dance class.

Recognising that her passion lies in movement (whether that be dance or distance running), Naomi took the decision to train as a sports massage therapist at St Mary’s University and now uses her varied knowledge to help keep others moving well.


Janice Barrett - Sports and Holistic Massage Therapist


Janice has been working as a qualified nurse for over 30 years, specialising in Intensive Care, Expedition Medicine and Critical Care Outreach. She is currently working as a Lecturer Practitioner teaching advanced skills and continues to work clinically as a nurse in London.

She initially trained in Holistic Massage (commonly described as Swedish Massage) obtaining a Distinction in ITEC Level 3 Diploma. She has since been using this training in clinical massage work at a London teaching hospital where she treats adults in intensive care.

Janice went on to extend her training by undertaking the BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy at the London School of Sports Massage, successfully completing the course in November 2013. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist. She regularly treats patients with a wide range of backgrounds including various sports, occupations and disabilities.


Sara Adams - Sports Massage Therapist, Pilates and Personal Trainer


Sara graduated with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science in 2008. After university, Sara initially started working as a fitness instructor at a gym in Suffolk which led to her developing a keen interest in helping people feel better about their bodies, improve their strength and also to enjoy exercise.

After an exciting traveling trip around Australia and Asia, she moved to London and began working in small group studios progressing to private personal training gyms. After working as a Personal Trainer for several years and working alongside some inspiring physios, Sara felt encouraged and excited to study for a sports massage and Pilates qualification as she enjoyed the combined approach when working with the team to rehab a client. Sara immediately incorporated her new skills into her services as a Personal Trainer. Sara loves how a good massage can rejuvinate the mind and give the body a well earnt MOT! In 2015 she became self employed and set up a consistent client base around London. Late 2016 saw Sara move to Chicago with her husband where she then set up her personal training client base once again. In November 2018 they moved back to London and Sara restarted her personal training and Pilates teaching in London.

Sara loves to problem solve and help clients ‘find their thing’ which includes adjusting exercises so it feels good and they get the right adaptations for their body.

Natasha Abercrombie - Sports Massage therapist and Pilates Instructor

Tash website pic.jpg

As a sporty individual, Natasha found it incredibly frustrating having to slow down her active lifestyle due to an injury caused during her time studying Dance. As Natasha’s pain and discomfort began to affect her regular activities, that she enjoyed partaking in, Natasha began to question ‘What’s really going on with my body?’. With this thought, she discovered her passion of acquiring knowledge behind what causes pain, muscle dysfunction and injury. This set her on the path to study movement and massage.

Natasha found that regular Manual Therapy and Pilates alongside one another had an increased positive effect on her; both mentally and physically. With a combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Fascial Techniques she was able to alleviate her pain and re-align the tissues that were causing her discomfort. By integrating elements of postural awareness and strengthening exercises of Pilates, Natasha found herself creating an excellent rehabilitative programme for herself.

Natasha qualified as a Body Control Pilates Mat-work, Reformer and Cadillac Teacher. To add to her expansive knowledge of movement training and exploration of how the mind effects the body, she decided to train as a Yoga Teacher. Whilst attending the London School of Sports Massage, she obtained her diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy.

Her Massage Training juxtaposed with her Yoga and Pilates background enabled Natasha to use a combination of hands on techniques, fascial bodywork, posture/correct alignment techniques, strengthening and stretching exercises to help improve her client’s overall wellbeing. Thus, motivating her to focus on creating individual packages and bespoke treatments for her clients.

During the winter Natasha lives in the beautiful city of London; where she is currently studying for an Osteopathy degree. Besides this, Natasha also works from several treatment rooms and studios in the London area. Spending her summers on the breathtaking white isles of Ibiza, Natasha offers a mobile service all over the island for private sessions in villas, retreats and yachts, whilst working from a studio and treatment room in Santa Eularia.